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Top Ten Famous People Who Were Homeless Once

Among the worst combinations of battle and need is homelessness. Few, have nerves to undergo such an emergency, and yet emerge as successful people. Here’s a list of ten famous folks who successfully faced homelessness at some point during their lifetimes. Halle Berry might be among the most highly paid actresses in Hollywood, but she was not always like this. At age 21, her mother refused to support her, forcing her to take refuge in a homeless shelter.

In an interview, she said, “When I moved to Chicago, she (mother ) drove me, but I do not believe she ever believed it would pan out. After a month or two, I ran out of money and called her. I simply have rent money; I can not eat this week.” And she said, “No, I am not going to begin this calling home, asking mom for money thing. No, figure it out or come home.” I was so angry; I did not talk to her for a year and a half.” Soon, she began getting roles in movies and rented an apartment.

Halle has made peace with her mother, she believes her mother’s refusal to support her made her hard and gave her the ability to take care of harsh conditions. Chris Gardener, a millionaire entrepreneur, became famous when his book of memoirs was made to a super-hit film, “The Pursuit of Happyness“. Although Gardener now owns a thriving stock broker company, in the early 1980s, he had to confront homelessness with his son.

He came to this point of poverty since he spent his life savings to purchase mobile X-ray machines that he thought he would have the ability to market on high profits but he failed, even to achieve breakeven. Consequently, he was not able to pay his rent and was kicked out of the proprietor. Before they could move to a homeless shelter Chris and his son had to sleep in a public bathroom for a few days. There are only 38 individuals, in the history of Hollywood, who has won Academy Award for Best Acting, more than once.

Together with her sizzling performances in”Boys Don’t Cry” and”Million Dollar Baby”, she proved her mettle. Reader’s digest lent her story saying, “In 1989, when she was 15, Swank and her mother packed up their Oldsmobile Delta 88 and, with only $75, headed to Los Angeles. They lived in the vehicle until a friend gave them a place to stay”. And then, during the day, you must leave so we can attempt to spell it out. We got air mattresses, up to them, slept at night and left in the morning.”

Hilary and her mother remained homeless for a few months after she began landing roles. But, her hard time wasn’t over until she got the leading role in”Boys do not cry”. Five times Grammy awards winner, Shania twain was displaced at one point in time. She spent her youth in exceptionally miserable conditions and frequently starved for days. At age thirteen she persuaded her mother to move to Toronto where there were lots of homeless shelters. In an interview with Reader’s digest she explained, “My mom was quite depressed at the time — she was not getting out of bed.

I decided that I needed to convince her to take us to Toronto, where they have a good deal of good programs for desperate families. We had been living in this little town that did not have anything. I was 13 then and told my mum to get in the car, the following day when my father was gone. I said, “All you have to do is, drive.” I don’t understand why she listened to me. We drove to Toronto and moved into a shelter. She began her professional singing career in Toronto and later on she became among the hottest female singers of her time.

Viewing, Colonel Sander’s figurines and pictures on each KFC outlet, one supposes he must’ve had invested millions of dollars to create such a massive network of fast-food restaurants. Colonel Sanders, who began Kentucky fried chicken (KFC) in 1952, had to experience homelessness for a very long period during his youth. His dad died, when he was five and his mother quickly remarried. At age ten, he chose to leave his house because his step-father was able to beat him.

Following that, he stayed homeless for a long-time period and did lots of tasks, during this time. It wasn’t till age forty, that Colonel found a suitable home and a job as a cook at a restaurant and began working on his own secret recipe, which would, later on, become the most important item on the KFC menu. Charlie Chaplin wasn’t only an Oscar-winning actor, director, and writer. He was also one of the famous individuals who faced homelessness. Throughout his youth, he lived with his mother, except for a limited time period when he and his brother moved with their father and his mistress. At age 12, Charlie’s father died of Cirrhosis and shortly after that his mother became mentally ill and had to be admitted to a hospital.

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