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Homeless People – Some of the Best People on Earth

Too often we may find ourselves faced by the plights of a homeless individual and shrink away with a silent prayer that they won’t approach us or disturb us for money. We shirk our responsibilities to these people every day. But we’re part of a world that has established and maintains a large homeless population and we have some duties to share our good fortune together, even if it’s just to smile and greet them warmly and share a kind word together.

A kind word and our acceptance and appreciation for these people are may often be of much more value to some homeless person than the dollar or two we may Rather we shun the homeless, we try to ignore their existence among us, and in this manner, we irritate them and devalue them less than ourselves in our own eyes. But we are all equals on the planet; our accomplishments and prosperity don’t make us better than anybody else.

The esteem we give to people of wealth and power is a manifestation of our own avarice wish we ourselves might be powerful or wealthy and we idolize the ones that achieve that level of success since we would like to achieve as much for ourselves. Additionally, the winners get the best publicity and have the maximum impact on our cultural values, so they be sure they are perceived in the best possible light and the aggressive streak that got them into the top is worshipped as a wonderful virtue.

It can rend our society with its values as it compels the division between the wealthiest and poorest people ever deeper. More and more of our wealth is flowing into fewer hands that are driving the middle class deeper into poverty. So what’s accepted as a virtue, a powerful competitive nature, might not be virtuous. 1 other reason we take the idea of a strong competitive nature as being virtuous is that it’s the breadwinners of our families who support us and whom we personally venerate for their achievement and their ability to take care of us and to give us our conveniences. What would be the effect of failing to have a competitive streak?

If we were to look into another person’s eyes and see their need to be successful and step aside because we aren’t so driven as they are because we hate to triumph and to create another person lose then we may naturally migrate into the bottom ranks of society and take marginal lifestyles which at best could be barely subsistent Why should we describe people like this as poor people if they don’t have the soul to compete? Such meek individuals often feel as though they’re hurting others when they contend together; they believe that they’re taking food from somebody else.

In consequence, the meek may care less for themselves than for others around them to whom they reevaluate their particular needs. This meek quality appears to me to be a virtue. To feel for others so profoundly that you’d automatically forfeit yourself at every turn to their sake regardless of how this will affect you appears to me to be too many of these displaced are similar to this, souls full of kindness and humility that can’t endure the cutthroat atmosphere of our economic world and decline to take part, not from laziness or moral turpitude, but from jealousy and an inherent will to place other people’s needs ahead of their own.

We should learn from this case and adopt these ostracized people and take them into our homes and care for them. Instead, we describe them in ways that frighten us and make us more inclined to ditch them. The homeless see the world through vastly different eyes than our own and we fear contamination from them. We fear what could happen to us if we shared their world view and understood them. We distance ourselves from them at every opportunity instead of embracing them.

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