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Homeless Tips: Surviving the Streets – What To Know And What Not To Do

Homeless suggestion 1: Know the difference between being a bum and being homeless! A bum has settled into his life on the road and is fine with it. A bum is the same man you find every morning sleeping in exactly the exact same bus stop day after day… Because he does not move far. Buttocks might even have a home and a job! Any way you slice it… if you’re on the road know what you’re. Do not search for skid-rows, homeless camps or another area where displaced people”squat”! The only time you should be about anyone displaced is when you’re in line in the soup-kitchen. The reasons are straightforward…

It’s a fast way to get hurt or stolen from. And of course that these folks will do nothing but hold you down and pull you back. They don’t need to see you make it and will do anything to hold you back and slow you down. You’re on your own and you MUST remain like that. It’s not fun being homeless and lonely but this isn’t time in your life to be trying to make friends. And just put a friendship of the adult will not work for you. You would not believe how many homeless people I have seen with everything they have sounds. Having lots of stuff isn’t worth it on the roads when you’ve got no home. The story they were that he had been a truck driver and she dwelt in the truck with him.

They lived like that for a while on a complete year. The entire time they spent money on crap they did not actually need in the first place (“what-nots” I call them). 1 day after a truck run that ended in Santa Anna, California the husband had been fired and told to leave the truck where it was. I don’t understand how that is legal but they were stuck. And they had everything with that truck with afterward.

Makeup, fabrics, books, and a whole lot of other stuff. These two appeared to have bag after bag of things. Whenever you’re on the roads you need as little as possible. That is what you absolutely need: – wash clothes -hygiene products -a telephone (even if it’s closed off) -a resume (since you never know) -2 or 3 garbage bags Homeless tip 4: If you’re caught in the rain and have one crap bag don’t but holes in it and wear it like a rain jacket.

If you can keep your feet and shoes dry when using it as a rain jacket. Any homeless person will say this: when you’re homeless the main part of your body is the own feet. If you’re walking around with wet shoes you’ll get blisters and sores. It’ll be the worst pain your feet have ever felt due to rain. Every step you take is going to be a nightmare waiting for you. In any case, the rain will rust your shoes faster.

And the final thing you want is to be displaced, with blistered feet, and no shoes. Should you get a cough with wet shoes get them off ASAP and dry them out. As I said… Any homeless person will say this, I promise! Staying clean gives you access to things you’ll need and trust me when I say…. you will need! My advice is to take complete advantage of every public toilet you can, to the fullest. The trick here is to be quickly and unnoticed (so you can use it again).

Try not to make a good deal of noise. Wash the parts of your body that need it the most first (armpits, feet, private parts) and wash everything else after if you’ve got the time. A clean pan-handler with making more than a filthy one (I am not down for panning, that is only a fantastic way to make my point on this). And remember the more personal the toilet the better, start looking for cracks and locks on the door. A solid door, 1 person bathroom, using a lock is the best.

Remember I said you want your mobile phone with you? You need it rather it’s minutes or not. It’s all your buddies numbers inside, you may even save a new number if you want to, its an alarm clock (that you may need), it’s your calendar, and Your telephone is a must-have, alive or dead! You can find a good deal of them in front of shops, around telephone booths, and other random places. When possible use then in fast food restaurants such as McDs or Burger King.

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