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Helping the Homeless Can Make a Huge Difference

We see them every day in every big city on earth. As we drive to work they’re there in the exits and entrances to freeways, signs around their neck asking for a handout. We studiously ignore them and in fact, it has become a skill to never make eye contact though sometimes we just can not help ourselves.

We might comment to our fellow passengers which the man or woman is too young to be displaced, that they ought to find a job and make a good living. We believe self-righteous saying these things but since the amount of homeless people continues to grow we know inside there needs to be something we could do about helping Since what we many times don’t see, except in the third world, nations are the children of the homeless.

They live in cardboard boxes under the freeway overpasses and huddling for warmth around kerosene fires. These children are the true victims of the present financial crisis and the numbers of children that are displaced and under the poverty line are staggering in this, It’s one thing to deny help to a homeless man and quite another to ignore the plight of these innocent children. They’re caught in the political crossfire and as states battle with budget shortages, the first things to be removed are social programs like welfare and child support.

We can’t allow ourselves to become so hard-hearted as a society, as a people, we ignore the plight of these innocents. The only way to helping the homeless is to establish organizations that will depend on grants and funding from the government. Private associations, as charitable as they are, won’t ever replace funding from the general public. It’s our duty to keep on helping the homeless in this country.

Helping the homeless will cure many ills that befall society out. Homeless folks are many times more prone to getting and spreading communicable diseases than individuals from the general population. Homeless children are at even higher risk as they don’t know how to correctly clean themselves and don’t have any facilities to do so were they trained and inclined. We will need to set up caring and working displaced rescue shelters where homeless people can safely live and be cared for in an intensive, holistic and long term way.

We can not just give them a meal or two, clean them up and ship them back out to face the rigors of the road. So as to assist displaced people we will need to educate them, give them tasks, supply medication and health services for them and treat them as if they were We’re all part of the human race yet sometimes it appears that the most privileged among us would be the most hard-hearted and uncaring. If everybody would just look in their hearts and give a bit each day, or every week, or even every month, the issue would be solved right away. Homeless agencies are understaffed, underfunded and overworked.

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