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You Can’t Become a Millionaire If You Think Like a Homeless Person

It’s not a mystery why many men and women remain poor, or perhaps not bad but maybe middle course, for their whole lives. They would like to live the life they see the celebrities living when they read the favorite magazines but they do not earn what the celebrities earn. They”want it all” but having it all costs money, and as they don’t have money they incur debt.

Life is good until the credit card bill or the announcement for the minimum payment for your HELOC (home equity line of credit) comes in. Then milk goes up another 10 cents a gallon, bread goes up 25 cents a loaf and petrol goes up another 15 cents a gallon. Suddenly your cash does not seem to go as far as it used to because your income is now likely to repay debts That Is Kind of Thinking Will Keep You Poor Forever What I just described above is exactly what I call”Homeless Thinking”; your whole thought process is on fulfilling your present needs and desires. You need a new car and you spend your time figuring out how to get a new vehicle.

Allow me to back up a bit, there are 3 kinds of thinking in regards to money; I call them”Homeless Thinking“, “Don’t Rock the Boat Thinking” and”Prosperity Thinking”. If you think I’m being unkind when I speak about”Homeless Thinking” it’s a condition with which I am personally comfortable. If you don’t understand my story I’ll provide you an abridged edition… My first wife passed away after being in a coma and persistent vegetative state after a burst aneurysm in her cranium behind her right eye. She was in ICU (Intensive Care Unit) for just over nine months before being transferred to another unit at the hospital.

Her medical bills were countless more than we could pay and after she passed away I ended up living in my car until it was towed off; I then lived (We lived in Texas when she became sick.) I had never lived jobless with zero cash in my pocket; I’d pick up pennies out of parking lots just to have something. Here is what a homeless, penniless person thinks about: “Where do I get something to eat? There’s absolutely no future there’s only the vacant gnawing of hunger in your stomach.

Nothing else matters; after a month or two even the hunger appears to subside as your body starts to deteriorate from lack of nutrition. Since I had a professional career after I graduated from school and before my wife passed away, I managed to rally after I came to my senses about 6 weeks after I had descended into the depths of hell after her death. It’s a place I hope you will not ever need to experience. Homeless thinking is focusing on satisfying your present needs and needs without concern for, or perhaps even awareness of, the future. You do not even have sufficient money to fulfill your current needs and desires so considering the future is futile.

Your whole thinking is”now” based; if tomorrow comes you’ll be concerned about it then. Next week, next month or next year is a mere dream. Why should I worry about tomorrow when I’m attempting to make it through now. This is where people in poverty live, it where people whose paycheck lasts approximately 5 days of a 7 day week live. I need gas to get to work but I only have $12.00 in my checking account.

The gap between Homeless Thinking and Don’t Rock the Boat Thinking is the fact of the future. It might not be a rosy future but it may be endured; so let us put some money aside to create our golden years as nice as you can. Oh yeah, and let us pay ourselves for unexpected events by putting some money into an excellent life insurance product and possibly some disability insurance. Do not Rock the Boat Thinkers really have a savings account with some money in it, an emergency fund in the event the transmission on the car goes outside or

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