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On July 1,2012,starting in Calgary,Alberta,Joe Roberts (former homeless man) will push a shopping cart 1000 kilometers to Vancouver’s downtown East Side.


Our goal is to attain sustainable change for homeless youth in Canada.

The Push for Change is dedicated to helping homeless youth in Canada. Sean Richardson and Joe Roberts are building an engagement odyssey that will have Joe (a former homeless street kid turned successful businessman) push a shopping cart across Canada in 2013. We are committed to this event creating a legacy of sustainable change for troubled youth. Awareness and fleeting inspiration are not good enough. We will not rest until we see real,sustainable change. As part of a build up for the cross-country tour,there will be a “mini” trek from Calgary to Vancouver scheduled this summer. Find out how you can get involved.

We believe that anything is possible,so on March 1,2013,in St John’s Newfoundland,a cross country trek will commence. Equipped with a customized shopping cart,former homeless guy,Joe Roberts will begin the approximately 8000 kilometer journey.

The “warm up” to the national event will start this summer with Joe doing a trial run,pushing his shopping cart from Calgary to Vancouver. This is scheduled for July 1st 2012!

The journey will cover the most densely populated regions of Canada,with events,public experiences and appearances throughout the nation. The project has an estimate start to finish time of  7 months if all goes well.

A map showing thepushforchange proposed route will be up shortly.

The trek will be covered via blog,Facebook and YouTube and we are looking for support.

Stay tuned for more excitement as the project grows!


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