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Great News for Vancouver: Major Investments in Social Housing Announced Today

May 25, 2010

As you are aware, ending street homelessness is one of Vision Vancouver’s top priorities. Today, our city moved a big step closer to reaching our goal of ending street homelessness by 2015.

3 comments to Great News for Vancouver: Major Investments in Social Housing Announced Today

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  • Barry Growe

    Agreed, it’s very good news that the provincial government is finally beginning to fulfil its long-standing promise to build housing for people with mental health problems and addictions. Although why it’s OK to finish Olympic venues on time and delay housing for people who are suffering is beyond my comprehension.

    Your headline reads “Great News for Vancouver: Major Investments in Social Housing Announced Today.” I’m glad you’re reporting good news, that’s essential. I just want to point out that “Social Housing” is a highly ambiguous term, as is “Affordable Housing.” Unfortunately we need to use more words to make an important distinction between housing for people with mental health problems and addictions, which the provincial government is moving ahead on, and housing for low-income families who cannot live in Vancouver without skimping on housing or food or their children’s needs, which the Liberals have clearly stated they will do nothing about.

    City Council needs to get off the fence and take action on the second issue, or take responsibility for overseeing the creation within ten years of Vancouver Apartheid, with our second class citizens living in “townships” on the outskirts of the city, commuting and polluting every day. When that happens, all the bicycle paths in the world won’t keep our city green.

  • Ending street homelessness is an admirable goal and one every Vancouver citizen should take note of. Those of us downtown are directly confronted by the issue on a daily basis, I don’t see how how it can still be overlooked. While I stand behind groups who make this a priority, I find it just as (if not more) valuable to support groups who tackle the issues that lead to homelessness in the first place. Child sexual exploitation is a very real issue in Vancouver that somehow manages to maintain a frighteningly low profile. This is something very real, that ends up with people on the streets because they have nowhere else to turn. I recently watched a video via the Children of the Street Society facebook page that details one woman’s story of how she was exploited starting at the age of 12, and how trying to get out landed her on the streets. Scary. I think the key is supporting groups that tackle the underlying issue.

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